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6 Pieces Transparent Practice Locks, Training Clear Padlocks


Perfect! These look amazing, and are crafted especially for lock pickers. Try them out and you’ll love them as much as we do.

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Stainless Steel Lock Pick Gun With 5 Needles and Tension Tools


PackagePackage included:
1 X Strong Lock Opener
2 X Hook clamp needle
2 X Straight hook pliers
1 X Two-way hook pliers

Material: Stainless Steel

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20 Pcs Lock Picking Set with Transparent Training Padlock and Credit Card Set



12 Different Lock Picks
3 Tension Wrenches (SUPER STRONG stainless steel wrench included)
5-Piece Credit Card Lock Picking Kit
1 Transparent Training Padlock With 2 Keys

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17 Piece Lock Pick Set with 4 Transparent Training Locks


*17 piece lock picking set has everything you need to practice and perfect your lock picking skills! It is made of high quality, smooth stainless steel, with a non-slip silicone handle and thin spanners and picks to ensure maximum picking precision.
*This lock pick kit contains 4 different transparent practice locks. You can clearly see how the lock cylinder works under the operation of the key and these tools.
*We provides two electronic manuals. Help you learn to unlock in minutes, Immediately from beginner to unlocked master.

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24 Piece Lock Pick Set with 1 Clear Practice and Training Locks Multitool Set


The 24-Piece Lock Pick Set perfect for new beginner, locksmith, amateur.This multifunctional set can improve your hands-on ability. With Clear Practice and Training Locks,Know exactly what your are doing during lock picking with the transparent padlock.See clearly how the mechanism works.Set for beginners lock pick tool kit.

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Foldable Lock Pick Set with Transparent Cutaway Inside View PadLock


Package includes:

1 x Cutaway Padlock with 2 keys
1 x 6 in 1 Portable Lock Pick with a “L” type tension wrench

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9 Piece of Transparent Practice Locks


Transparent Practice Lock Set: The lock set is very useful for observing and testing out the various lock-picking tools. Everyone can learn how to pick locks regardless of age or experience level, it comes 9 pieces transparent locks with case to protect it, good to try it.

Multipurpose: With no loose parts or pins, it turns out to be in a smooth perfect working condition and coupled with the fact that it doesn’t only serve the educational purpose, but also can be used to get a simple padlocking to your doors, windows, drawers, cabinets and more.

Transparent Visible Cutaway: Visible crystal cutaway lock body allows you to see how the lock works on moving parts, you can see clearly how the pins work when a key is inserted, it helps you know the mechanism of the locks, very useful for Locksmiths to train lock-picking skill.

Good Gift: Really neat gift idea and if you just want to learn the basics of lock picking on your own.

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Haoshi Locksmith Tool Montery Pick and Decoder


Locksmith Tool Montery Pick and Decoder perfect lock opening tool with novel design ideas can be used for opening and decoding Montery brand padlocks simply and accurately.

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